Robertson & Associates Psychological Services

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 Services of RAPS are available to the general public and are based on a non-discriminatory practice  philosophy that places the patient first.   Services are available to individuals and families in need of psychological services as listed above. Eligibility for services is based on the following:

  • A psychological or medical need for psychotherapy or psychological evaluation.
  • An ability to pay for services through insurance, third party payment or self-pay.
  • Availability and ability to keep regularly scheduled office appointments or in the case of severely conditions, keeping home visit appointments.
  • An ability to follow a mutually determined treatment plan.

· Individual,  Couples and Family  Counseling

· Stress Management

· Therapy  for Depression  and Anxiety

· Treatment of Bi-polar Disorder

· Grief and Loss Counseling

· Trauma and Abuse survivor therapy

  with EMDR ( Eye Movement 

  Desensitization  and Reprocessing)

· Codependency/ Dependency   resolution

· Marital and Relationship Counseling

· Sexuality concerns and GLBT counseling

· Relapse and Recovery Counseling

· DUI and Behavioral assessments

· Specialized  psychological evaluations

·  Career and EAP (Employee Assistance

   Program)  Coaching

· Organizational and Corporate Consulting


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